Our Mission

Our Mission

Cheap website cheap website

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission: to provide real world experience for qualified interns and develop affordable websites for local businesses.

Amber Leaf provides hands-on experience and strives to make websites affordable for any business. Whether it’s graphic design or web development, we are helping students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their niche.

A website is essential for a business’s success in the long run. Over 150 million people use a smartphone to make dinner reservations, plan events and get directions when out of town.

Potential customers compare businesses online; and if you’re not there, you may not even be considered.

Why Every Business Needs A Website

Reduce Advertising Costs

Invest a portion of the cost of a billboard or television commercial into a website where your company will be at the fingertips of the billions of people that surf the web every day.

Your Best Employee

No vacations. No hourly pay. No sick days. A website is your best employee. Even when you’re off the clock, it provides insightful content to potential customers 24/7.

Build Trust With Clients

People expect a business to have a website. No matter what kind of business or organizations it is, potential customers will typically research a company online beforehand.

Increased Sales

The internet is a constantly growing marketplace for all goods and services. A website will effectively display your work and make it accessible to millions of people.